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Mage Epic 2.0 Research & Discussion

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Administrator, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Arieva

    Arieva New Member

    Fighters found their fourth hidden cache in which they obtained the actual quest start. Assuming ours follows the same trend then it is absolutely a prereq and we must locate our own hidden caches
  2. Drelf

    Drelf New Member

    Weird that we and the scouts have found nothing atm. Priests are on their second I think...
    Some priest was speculaing about Mage/Scout/Priest only spells... See Invis for us then I take it.
    I'll go out searching... again *sigh*
  3. Drelf

    Drelf New Member

    Fighter :
    Great Divide
    Phantom Seas
    Withered Lands

    Priest :

    Is there any logic behind this?
  4. Instinct

    Instinct Guest

    There maybe no logic, but that in itself is information. since there is no rhyme or reason, other than the fact that neither Fighter or Priest share the same zone.
    Need City Quest to see the Caves.
    There is a Cave in a place where there once was none.
    There are items in the caves that need to be done in a specific order as well as the Caves themselves.
    Just need to find the First Cave for Us.
  5. Azraels Tear

    Azraels Tear Guest

    Now that we know the pre-req to finding our "cache", do we have a list of which zones have been searched (I would say by at least 2 mages to make sure nothing gets missed)?
  6. Instinct

    Instinct Guest

    I have searched Thundering Steppes Twice and nothing
  7. Drelf

    Drelf New Member

    I've done:
    Lavastorm, Commonlands, Darklight Woods, Loping Plains, Greater Faydark, Butcherblock, New Tunaria...

    Ok, it's better to list the ones I have not done yet..
    Ethernere, Everfrost, Erollis, Mara, Velious, Thalumbra, Moors and Overrealm.

    Heading to Lesser Faydark and ??? next...

    Doing it alone though so might have missed stuff.

    Edit: Nothing in SS, Pillars, Steamfront and Kunzar Jungle...
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2016
  8. Firi

    Firi New Member


    EL (Double) RV TS(Double) CL NF Ant FP Lava Feerott
  9. Dex

    Dex New Member

    maybe we have to have infravision on or something or see invis
  10. Drelf

    Drelf New Member

    Have done it with See Invis... no luck.

    Still find it weird that Fighters and Priests found theirs so quick while us and scouts have found nothing at all...
  11. Azraels Tear

    Azraels Tear Guest

    Starting to wonder if mages enter their hidden areas through a different means or from different contested areas (not just outdoor areas)?
  12. Veta

    Veta New Member

    I've noticed so far:

    1. The current discovered caches are in overland zones
    2. The caches tend to be on towards the outer edge of the map (Great Divide - Fighter is an exception as well as maybe the Withered Lands one)

    It might be easier to cover the outer parts of the overland zones first before doing an extensive search through the entire zone. There is a possibility for the scout and/or mage one to follow a different setup, this is just what I am seeing so far.
  13. Drelf

    Drelf New Member

    I'll start running dungeons. Better than aimless flying around.

    Yep, noticed the same thing.
  14. Firi

    Firi New Member

    Zek checked
  15. scukochaos

    scukochaos New Member

    A sealed door in North Freeport Academy of Arcane Science. Text "Passage is forbidden" is written in Words of Shade language. mb this can help us somehow
  16. kraytos

    kraytos New Member

  17. Firi

    Firi New Member

    Mages checked ATM:

    Barren Sky
    EL 3x
    TS 3x
    • Appreciation Appreciation x 1
  18. Drelf

    Drelf New Member

    That leaves how many?
  19. Firi

    Firi New Member

    all zones with 3x was tripple checked all other zones think minimum double checked
  20. Conifur

    Conifur Member

    Did anyone else get mail from Vence Laden? I got one recently that says "As I mentioned before, it is now time for me to leave. It was a pleasure working with you, an an amazing thing to watch you take care of Phrotis. Perhaps we will see each other again some day." It has 20 days left on it. I don't know when I got it because I don't really pay attention to my mail. I only looked because I wanted to see if I got the mail from the Queen.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2016

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