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Mage Epic 2.0 Research & Discussion

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Administrator, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Bjoern

    Bjoern New Member

    Can the walking chest in Moors of Ykesha be found using "tracking"?
  2. Palandrel

    Palandrel New Member

    You can't track it. In Upper Moors you will find it in the land parts (not in water) around the area Firmroot - Ykesha Spire. It seems to roam about 15 meters from the outer limit. Fly low and not too fast if you don't want to miss it. It is no use looking for it with multiple mages, because once a mage click it, it despawns.
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  3. Scrappz

    Scrappz Member

    Talk to the guard in Firmroot and ask him for "Chest"
  4. Uyaem

    Uyaem Member

    No, but it is quite visble even from far away.
  5. Arieva

    Arieva New Member

    Ok so after reading up a bit about Eq2 lore I came to a bit that describes the city of Taanan. It being the city where the first people to open portals to other dimensions were found in eq1. They opened a portal to an exact copy of their city but inhabited by Nyads. This led me to think well if I'm trying to open a portal to an alternate dimension maybe I should check out the city where the first ppl did it. Wandered around a bit in grey version of city under mystic lake and didn't find anything obvious. Decided to bite the bullet and get a group willing to clear through fabled nizaara. While I haven't found anything clickable yet in a cleared zone..we did find a WW disco on a piece that is apparently related to the priest questline...Now this quest piece is apparently bugged as it was supposed to be required to obtain a piece they already had access too. According to discord chat after it was discovered another priest had run through this zone and *NOT* gotten the drop we did.

    This has me still wondering if our update could not be in this zone. Fabled nizzy is still a pain to run and not soloable. Would a dev make a zone where the item is not guaranteed to drop, possibly one drop per kill of final mob..and not put the same situation for another archtype so the priests have some other folks with the same motivation?

    I'm particularly wondering about the niyad with the subtitle "The Studious", the same named that used to drop the 900 potency earring. Could she have a Study of Akashic Nevermore as a chest drop..not guaranteed... to keep us chasing the same type of carrot as the priests were "supposed" to have.

    Feel free to run the zone and see.
  6. Sahrina

    Sahrina New Member

    Just killed Sshi'vaez the Studious in Fabled Nizara. No update, no clickies around her. :(
  7. Skathes

    Skathes New Member

    anyone try the tomes of life/death rooms in fabled Ruins of Varsoon?
  8. Nolife

    Nolife Guest

    After reading through this post I feel i have to mention one thing that is bugging me about finding the next step and hope to get some feedback . The Jewel of the Three is a charm with a activating spell called Concentrate It was used to bring up a NPC one time now it sits Greyed out not being able to activate if you try it says """ Concentrating on the jewel seems to do nothing .""" I feel that when you are close to the next step what ever it maybe it will become usable -- If it was to be used only once they would have found something different and not gone to the trouble of adding the spell to a item.. Am I out to lunch or what let me know what you think ..
  9. Veta

    Veta New Member

    Solo cleared all of Fabled Nizara [Heroic] and saw nothing. It could be a possible body drop that is not 100% if it is in there, but nothing so far.
  10. Gere

    Gere Guest

    Nothing in Ssraeshza Temple (Heroic) and Ssraeshza Temple: Inner Sanctum (Heroic).
    Searched entire Tranquil Seas overland, found nothing.
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  11. Gere

    Gere Guest

  12. Arieva

    Arieva New Member

    Damn you necros :p
  13. Arieva

    Arieva New Member

    I'm sure it comes around later that you need to resummon the charm npc but I doubt its this step. We have 5 heroic quests to get through and we are just scratching the surface of the second. I think most mages seem to be completely grasping at straws at this point. Someone said Gninja said there are references (22 to be exact?) to Akashic Neverthere in the game now. Uhhhh..I admit I am not really religious about reading quest dialogue but it rings absolutely no bells and since google find no hits for it related to the game..its obviously extremely obscure and not worth the lore geeks discussing in forums etc....

    So basically we'll probably never find these obscure references without rolling a new toon, running entirely through the content reading every word...or by dumb luck. Good times
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  14. Scrappz

    Scrappz Member

    There may have been references but like you're saying.. unless you roll a new toon, how the hell are we supposed to remember said references? lol

    I take the time when doing questlines and read the quests for lore and storylines, but hell, after so long some of these storylines become fuzzy =P lol
  15. Skathes

    Skathes New Member

    this along with how bellengere discribed it is what has made me suspect Varsoon. is one of the ones would have studied it, and is how ended up in the void. unless its sitting in a random place of magic like the three starter items, would look into anything involving Varsoon, Everling, Mirigul, or stuff involving the spires.

    but could always just be "over thinking it" as well...
  16. Gere

    Gere Guest

    Nothing in Nektropos Castle, Miragul's Menagerie
  17. Arieva

    Arieva New Member

    Checked ToFS up through brides scorn, nothing obvious (by obvious I mean scrolls or clicks in plain site) I didn't try to do much climbing or checking in the not so obvious places
  18. Gere

    Gere Guest

    Nothing in Miragul's Phylactery (all 3 zones).
  19. Zazren

    Zazren New Member

    The lore from Beyond the Rune suggested that Everling took his notes on creating a portal with him when he went to retrieve his daughter's souls and the zone he went to sounded very much like Obelisk of Lost Souls (the tower with the symbol of two triangles creating a diamond, the symbol is inside on the walls too). I searched there and in the southwest room on level three there was a dark book on the floor, but it wasn't clicky for me. It's in the same room as the rune for To Speak as a Dragon. Has that book always been there? The only quest marker on the map was for the rune, but I don't remember that being the book, but of course that was a looooooooooong time ago.
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  20. Darwiin

    Darwiin Guest

    Look according to what they have told us is the hints giving in the guest for second part of the Mage Epic is mention in game some 20+ times. That hint is to find a Study of Akashic Neverthere. A study could be a book or an apprentice (someone who studies an Magic Art) So the only way to find any other hints other than pure dumb luck is to go back thru the game and talk to every NPC looking to see if any place in there dialog they mention Akashic or Neverthere (if we take the literal response from Devs) or if they ment suttle references it would be a study of Void, Etherner or some shard or planar area(possible even Ult Spires/Nexus).
    If it's not a person we talk to we will have to go back thru all the books you have ever found and read each one, page for page looking for the same thing. Once that finished go find more books that might be out in the world and read each one.

    I have gone to Qeynos and read ever book I could find in mage tower and a few other hidden spots. Not one of them did I find the literal hints, though some of them talk about planar or other non-norathian areas, but none of those gave hints as to who to talk to or where to go. Once again we are left to either trying to get hundreds of people to run around reading extremely old content over and over, or having people go hail every single NPC in ever nook and cranny trying to see if someone responds with Akashic or neverthere.

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