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Mage Epic 2.0 Research & Discussion

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Administrator, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Scrappz

    Scrappz Member

    I believe level 6 is required for quest 2
  2. Heck62

    Heck62 New Member

    Thanks for the reply,I'm level 6 so I'm just missing it.Is chest2 the starter ?I wonder,might backtrack later.
  3. Scrappz

    Scrappz Member

    Did you equip and use the charm? I think I saw some say they had to do that first
  4. Teutonico

    Teutonico Guest

    I report complete second dialogue with Bellengere the Three (after Void zone):

    [Bellengere the Three]: "Return to my study. I will join you, momentarily."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "I will not return there! I barely escaped, as it was!"
    [Bellengere the Three]: "Escaped? What are you talking about?"
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "That portal did not lead to your arcane study, unless your study is within The Void!"
    [Bellengere the Three]: "Void!? No. No! That portal should have led to my study. I know it, with all certainty. I... I cannot fathom what could have gone amiss. I'll recast the portal spell."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "No, No! I don't think that's wise."
    [Bellengere the Three]: "What has brought you to this conclusion?"
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "I suspect your spell went wrong. If that is the case, then it could go wrong again, and we won't know until we enter it."
    [Bellengere the Three]: "Ah. You are proposing I cast another type of spell, one that we'll be able to quickly and safely identify, if it is working as intended, or not."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "Right! Something with reduced danger, an illusion spell, perhaps?"
    [Bellengere the Three]: "Good choice."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "Let's hope so."
    (hail again)
    [Bellengere the Three]: "The imp! It... It is not a stone. That was not the illusion spell I had cast upon it! We should be looking at a stone, right now, not a gelatinous cube."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "Can you recall the spell you were trying to cast?"
    [Bellengere the Three]: "Yes."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "You didn't find it difficult to call up the spell from memory when you cast it?"
    [Bellengere the Three]: "No, not at all."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "Then you're not suffering from the same sickness that affected Vasty, but maybe it's a different spellpox?"
    [Bellengere the Three]: "There may be some truth to that thought, I concede. Spellpoxes come in a multitude of different curses."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "Maybe a spellpox explains your opposition to Antonia Bayle, too?"
    [Bellengere the Three]: "I will not betray my conviction on that matter, I was of sound mind. Were you not listening? I stick by my actions, my decisions. My magic has been addled, not my mind! And I certainly would not be standing here, if my magic had been addled all that time ago."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "When did your spells start to go awry?"
    [Bellengere the Three]: "The portal to my study, just now. That was my first act of the arcane to have gone awry. This feels like a Confounded Casting curse, if I was to guess. It causes a mental disconnect between the spells one intends to cast and the spells one actually casts. What did you do to cure the thief?"
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "I didn't. I simply won some time for her mind to clear, and even that was short-lived and limited."
    [Bellengere the Three]: "Then I fear your work was for nothing. You brought me my chest, but I am incapable of helping you expand your knowledge of the arcane."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "Your chest! That's what connects you and Vasty!"
    [Bellengere the Three]: "It was wandering Fens of Nathsar, and then Moors of Ykesha, places it shouldn't have ever been lost in. Yet, you remain unaffected. So, the chest is not the source."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "A cursed item, obtained by Vasty, placed in the chest, removed by you!"
    [Bellengere the Three]: "Precisely! An item, recently acquired, is to blame, but we'll never find out which one if you can't access my arcane study, where they are all being stored."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "What if I cast the spell to open the portal to your study instead?"
    [Bellengere the Three]: "That could work, but it will prove very challenging. You'll need a study of the Akashic Neverthere and an essence of your own personal Arcanum in order to open a portal there."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "A study of the Akashic Neverthere?"
    [Bellengere the Three]: "The Akashic Neverthere is an ethereal plan of reality. It is all around us, and yet untouchable except through arcane means. It is where I have made my arcane study."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "An essence of your own personal Arcanum?"
    [Bellengere the Three]: "A basic, real, and invariable nature of your own personal arcanum materialized within the world. I know not where or what it may be."
    [You say to Bellengere the Three]: "You're right, this may prove challenging."

    I hope it can help
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  5. Heck62

    Heck62 New Member

    DERP DERP and DERP.In had equipped it but not clicked it....ty!
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  6. Palandrel

    Palandrel New Member

    I have started the second quest but I have been unable to find the chest in Moors. I have combed Ykesha's Spine up to Anchor of Bazuul, even underwater but no walking chest. Is there some new prerequisite for the quest 2 beside being ascension level 6 and having the charm equipted?
  7. Sigismund

    Sigismund Guest

    Ascension 6 for 2nd quest. Some guildies reported seeing the chest at LOC: 228.77, -87.52, -290.67.
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  8. Heck62

    Heck62 New Member

    Be sure to use the charm!
  9. Nune

    Nune Guest

    First convo with Bellengere, for posterity:

    Bellengere the Three says to you,
    "I see you were able to find my chest."
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "I was, but first... Who are you?"

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "I am Bellengere the Three, renowned archmage of the Concordium in Qeynos."
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "An archmage of Qeynos's Concordium? Here!?"

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "I did not say that I am still with the Concordium. That is who I was, but that is not who I am, any longer. Thanks to the feckless members of the Concordium, who failed to recognize my work's greater service."
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "Sounds like those mages were weak, or maybe threatened by your power. What did they do to you?"

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "I was removed from the Concordium and exiled from the city! They found me guilty of endangering the citizens and conspiring with known enemies of Qeynos."
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "Known enemies?"

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "I supported another claim to the Bayle crown. What I did, I did for the good of the city! My methods were unorthodox for the Concordium, yes, but magic is not inherently evil, the Highborn men of Paineel recognize this!"
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "As do the mages in Freeport."

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "I simply was exploring magic and skills from other schools of arcanum. I should not have been
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "It was?"

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "Yes. Now I am open to explore different schools and thoughts, unfettered by oppressive morals and crippling biases. All schools of magic and esoteric knowledge, from all cultic arts are now available to me!"
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "Which is why you are here, in Paineel's Hall of Necromancy."

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "Learning all I can amongst the Bastion of the Tranquil, yes."
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "And that's why you hired Vasty to steal arcane objects, and deliver them via the enchanted chest."

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "I must admit how impressed I am. I hadn't anticipated that the chest would come back to me with an item of such arcane power."
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "What do you mean? I thought it was empty."

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "Oh, I am not referring to what the chest may contain. I am speaking of you! Where did you locate it?"
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "It was in the Moors of Ykesha."

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "A far cry from Fens of Nathsar, yet you were able to find it. I sensed some of your power through the jewel, but now that you stand before me, I cannot help but marvel at it, and your untapped potential. You need a mentor who has worked past hindrances to expand his own knowledge of the arcane!"
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "I do?"

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "You need to be an aspirant of the universalist mage!"
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "I don't know what that is, but yes!"

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "Universalist Mages study as many schools of magic and esoteric knowledge, from all cultic arts as possible, in an effort to prepare themselves for any manner of challenge. They embrace versatility."
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "And you are willing to teach me this?"

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "I, the archmage unequaled, am willing to help facilitate your studies and the broadening of your horizons, yes."
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "Let's do this!"

    Bellengere the Three says to you, "A wise choice! Let us begin at once. Before you is a portal to my arcane study. I will join you, momentarily."
    You say to Bellengere the Three, "At once."
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  10. gaptia

    gaptia New Member

    You can ask a guard nearby who will point you to the chest. I asked him "Chest" for example.
    The chest disappears when you click on it (since you have to bring it to Bellengere next).
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  11. Heck62

    Heck62 New Member

    When you use the charm a misty image pops and you talk to it to get quest 2.
  12. Scrappz

    Scrappz Member

    So now that our faction has been fixed and more people are able to progress... any ideas as to what the Akashic Neverthere refers to?
  13. Kaytos

    Kaytos New Member

    I've been at that stage for a week (or so it seems) or so .. see page 11. Wish I could help but at a total loss best guess it's a scroll, book or piece of paper in a library/tent/shelf/bookcase in a zone/overland lol .. there's just no clue to follow atm only thing is something that was something recently put in the chest caused the problem?? But really not related to the new part of the quest .. Tried backtracking but nothing .. Open to suggestions/idea's .. made a list of what/where I've tried/been on page 11 ;)
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2017
  14. Calamoor

    Calamoor Guest

    Friend left me with this puzzle so I went digging... hope this info helps...

    hmm interesting =) but I seem to remember that Vhalen once touched upon the topic/source of mana and magic.. I also faintly remember few words..like 'ethereal plane' or 'mana tornado' etc.

    Your remembering his quote for "The Mana Flow" is the plane where much (if not all mana) comes from i think, or something like that. I remember the name because a player mentioned it in a post and Vhalen took notice because he never remembered anyone ever revealing the name of "The mana flow" before but this player had the name somehow.

    (I seem to recall the Shadowed Man L&L stating that shadowed men were creatures of the Mana Flow.)

    EQ2 ARCHIVED-Vhalen: (June 28, 2007)

    I do not know where you have heard of the Mana Flow, but it does exist. It is part of the universal mechanics known as Dimensions. The Void is another dimension you may have heard of.

    Very little is known about the realms called Dimensions. Of the scholars that have begun to study them, they all agree that dimensions are endless spans of space that touch upon every single point in reality. They are a part of everything in the EverQuest II Universe. These are utilitarian realms that are a created through the existence of all the known planes. Dimensions keep reality grounded. They occupy the same space as everything, but are in an adjacent time and/ or space that cannot be fully accessed by matter originating from other realities. From these vast alternate dimensions exists the ability to travel from any time to any time or from any point in the universe to any other point in the universe- should you know the way and means.

    As for the Mana Flow, it is also called the Arcanum. The Arcanum is the essence of all magic. As such, it is a part of and touches everything, everywhere and every being. This dimension is filled with both majestic and violent maelstroms of mana. No foreign planar corporeal being can exist within this environment and usually must anchor its body down to a plane and venture into Arcanum in a non-corporeal form. There is life in this alien environment. Islands of various matter float within the intense beautiful haze of mana and can be inhabited by creatures of corporeal form native to this dimension. Some of these creatures have found ways onto the other realms, but they also must take on non-corporeal forms to do so. Emanating from this world is something called the Arcane Calendar. The Arcane Calendar can be referenced in the Time section of the Planes and Deity manual created by the Academy of Arcane Science - could this be the Akashic Neverthere.

    Here ya go: On the Origins of Shadowed Men

    This excerpt is from "The Lore of Fauna" by Professor Romiak Justathorn of the Academy of Arcane Sciences, Republic of Freeport. The date of this particular volume is unkown. "On the Origins of Shadowed Men," by Professor Romiak Justathorn -- Being an excerpt of a longer piece, including only information as is relevant these mysterious beings' origins. Much of this information is still hotly debated at the highest circles of academia. Afterword by Pearl Honeywine. An Overview -- The Shadowed Men are an intelligent planar humanoid of evil tendencies. They are secretly operating on a multitude of worlds. They hail from a planar realm called the Void. They exist in a partial phantasmal state. They appear invisible at first and when attacking appear out of nowhere. A weird portal opens and an eerie humanoid torso break through to attack. They use both magical weapons and spoken spells from their realm. Their Origins -- Shadowed Men are first recorded to have appeared on Norrath in the Age of Turmoil. Shadowed Men are beings of the Mana Flow that appear as near-invisible beings, wielding items usually visible indicating that they are not attempting to hide but rather are unable to fully materialize within our plane of existence. Delusional trotters within the Freeport Infirmary have claimed to have journeyed to the Void and have returned with knowledge of the Shadowed Men's existence within the Mana Flow, but in a corporeal state. These Shadowed Men appear as humanoids with shaded blurry features and four arms. There is little knowledge of the Shadowed Men, but of all I know I have come to some conclusions as to their nature. Shadowed Men hail from the Mana Flow. They appear globally and use a black obsidian monolith as means of entering our plane. These Shadow Monoliths appear in any area with Shadow Man activity. When the Shadowed Man activity ceases, the monolith vanishes. In further discussion with those few patients in the Infirmary I have deduced that the Shadowed Men have a citadel within our realm, one neither here nor there. Any entering this citadel will find no activity. Within this citadel is a means of entering a pocket of their plane of existence and turning the citadel inside out. Enter this pocket and all Shadowed Men and their true citadel shall appear before one's very eyes. Shadowed Men have knowledge of many skills and hail from many of the known classes. Known classes of the Shadowed Men include: Monk, Warrior, Priest and Dark Art Mages. They also have special spells relating to the Mana Flow. One spell shall partially swallow up an area into the Mana Flow and thereby by making all things touched by it invisible. The items carried by these beings always dematerialize after a short time, sucked back to the dimension it is a part of. The Shadowed Men on Norrath are here under the will of a greater power from their native plane. They serve this unknown power in a search for something of great value upon our realm. Afterword -- The information presented by the very eminent Professor Justathorn includes references to items that have not been proven to exist in modern Norrath. Also, the modern reader must keep in mind that Professor Justathorn lived in a different era, one during which research such as his was quite wide-spread and thus may include concepts which were in vogue at the time but are perhaps lacking somewhat in the factual department. In any event, there is no denying that stories of the Shadowed Men persist, and so any monolith, such as the one in the Feerrott, should be approached with extreme care. Any information you may learn about Shadowed Men may be forwarded to me, Pearl Honeywine, for verification.


    What I think they mean by "anchor" is that the most accessible means of traversing this plane would be astral projection, where your body in anchored in Norraths time/place reality, and you project your consciousness into the Mana Flow. Or, I suppose it could be similar to the Djinn, who require objects (lamps, boxes, bottles, etc) to anchor them to this plane as well. From my understanding of magic, an achor is simply a device that brings you back to your reality. The easiest, as I mentioned, being your body. Other types of anchors could be some simple little charm, or tool that holds some sort of meaning, and which, again, you can use to aid you by guiding you back to your reality.

    I wonder if this Arcanum has any connection to the Karma Pool mentioned by one of the mages in the Tower of the Oracles in Antonica.

    And another...

    There is currently a quest in Loping Planes that allows players to plane shift into a parallel plane by using a special crafted mask. Even though this quest is a quick solo experience I thought it was an interesting take on the idea of alternate dimensions/planes of existance - maybe this was just a taste of things to come.

    Also - some planes (like the plane of shadows and the ethereal plane) could make use of all of the existing E2 zones - players would simply be interacting with them as alternate realities of current in-game material.

    And another...

    Personal edit: There was some mention regarding the castle in KP that may contain a portal to this plane. Wished I'd copied that text too.
  15. Gere

    Gere Guest

    Anyone have enough faction with Clan Brokenskull to shop Quartermaster Thumpstomp in Moors before I go try to grind that faction?
    Just a guess, like everything about this quest so far :(
  16. rainmare

    rainmare Member

    The Quest text with Bellengere says the concorduim ousted him for his actions, though NOT for opposing antonia herself. the actions he took during that time were letting the necro into Starcrest Commune, and his dealings with Opal Darkbriar. I'm thinking the person who might be able to get you that study is Opal. it's prolly behind the door in the Academy. while Opal's claim to fame is illusion, she's no slouch in other schools of magic, thanks to her varied collection of soulstones.
  17. Veta

    Veta New Member

    There is a forbidden tome in both the Academy of Arcane Science and the Concordium towers labeled the Tome of Illusion Dispelling. Once clicked a nearby NPC tells you that its basically forbidden and the Queen/Overlord are the only ones who can remove it (depending on which area you click it at). I tried talking to Antonia but she didn't say much possibly due to me being evil. I think I have to wait in the plaza for the execution text to be able to go to Lucan's quarters. I haven't found any use/data for the book, so I have no idea what it is for.
  18. Heck62

    Heck62 New Member

    There is a book in the Paineel library i can highlight but not pick up.It's close to Arcanic Scholar Lii'dial in the bookcase she is facing.
  19. Veta

    Veta New Member

    It opens a portal behind the column behind the same bookshelf. It is used for channeler epic.
  20. Sigismund

    Sigismund Guest

    Anchor of Bazzul seems like a place to look, though may need words of shade, the shadowman language.
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