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Discussion in 'Items, Equipment, and Mechanics' started by Caam, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Caam

    Caam Member

    Now that we've had access to ascension long enough to work on multiple classes, I think it's time to make a mechanic available that allows us to change ascension on the fly rather than having to travel to the ascension masters.

    Seeing that we can change AA specs on the fly already, the only consideration I would have for this (as far as game balance is concerned) is making it comparable to the task of traveling to the class master and changing in that manner. I don't think it should be instantly available like the AA spec change. I think the capability should be earned. Maybe it could be implemented as a bauble that is attuned to each master and rewarded on reaching level 5 or level 10. Also, I would think there should be a reasonably long recast (15 minutes) to keep the mechanics comparable to the travel option. I also think the other restrictions (like out-of-combat only) are reasonable as well.

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  2. Feldon

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    But the cities...
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  3. Halfbreed

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    Translation: Some of the devs hate anything that reduces the utilization of public cities. They want you to have to go to the trainer so you occasionally bump into another player outside of your guild hall.
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  4. Dedith

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    and trainers aren't even in the cities, they're in the oddest of places outside of quest hubs in the new content. However, I do love feldon's response.. lol
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  5. Inire

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    muh community!

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