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Maj'Dul Level-Locked Progression Guild Recruiting

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Aeyda, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Aeyda

    Aeyda New Member

    "Nostalgia is something we think of as fuzzy. But it's pain. Pain concerning the past." - Peter Carey

    "For me, nostalgia is an involuntary emotion. I think it’s just a natural human response to loss." - Michael Chabon

    -= HELIX REDUX =-​

    Are you still having nightmares about your fight against Venekor or Darathar? Did they wipe your raid, called your mother "ugly" and stole your lunch money back in the days? We truly understand that dragons can sometime be bullies! This is why Helix Redux is returning to the older content to teach those dragons some respect!

    What are we? A Progression Raiding Guild currently locked at level 50 on the Maj'Dul Server. We plan to fight our way through every expansion starting with Vanilla EQ2. Why aren't we playing on Fallen Gate Server? Good question! First, the really slow leveling process can, and is, kind of annoying to us. We want to enjoy the content, not suffer it! Also, playing on our server means we have access to everything we have (resources, friends, claims, etc). Having fun with older content doesn't have to be painful!

    What do we offer? An experienced group of people who have run guilds like that on Antonia Bayle. A dedicated Discord Server, a Guild Hall, a set of rules who are meant to bring fun to raids but won't limit you in your day to day play. A dedicated and focused guild that regroups like-minded individuals. And also, its a nice break for an alt after stressing over the end-game.

    You are not from Maj'Dul? So, what! Just make an alt on the server and join us. It will be a fresh new start, and you might even get the feeling like its 2004 all over again!!

    To fill our raids, we currently need :
    - 1x Illusionist,
    - 2x Coercers
    - 2x Dirges
    - 1x Inquisitor

    Raids will begin on April 19th
    Raids are on Thursday and Saturday evening from 9:00PM to Midnight EST.

    You can look us up in game and send a /tell to anyone online.
    For an invite, send a /tell to : Aeyda, Dillylock, Yumi, Eshic, Aviel or Inevi.

    Aeyda Soulfire
    Guild Leader and sometime Paladin of Helix Redux
    Maj'Dul Server
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  2. Aeyda

    Aeyda New Member

    Updated Original Post with current info.

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