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KA Duck helm 2.0?

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Overwhelm, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Overwhelm

    Overwhelm New Member

    Is this real?
  2. Nune

    Nune New Member

    Slug helm
  3. Trifonic

    Trifonic New Member

    pic or it didnt happen.
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  4. Oxyian

    Oxyian New Member

    Kander did say in Discord that no one has found it yet
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  5. Trifonic

    Trifonic New Member

    Oh this is real? oiy more things to scour norrath for!
  6. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    that's basically the guiding feature of this xpac.
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  7. Overwhelm

    Overwhelm New Member

    I guess its not kill hundreds of mobs in Obulus, or else we probably would have seen it already by now.
    My guess is its something similar to the puzzle of clickys from the thalumbra KA heroics.
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  8. Terrius

    Terrius New Member

    I... I need to know if Duckportal 2.0 exists :( Half of me wants to believe in the magic of the Kander Wig... But the other half thinks it is all just an epic ruse perpetrated by the epic locks of magic that are Kander's hair. :(

    Deep down, I feel Kander is just trolling and Duck zone 2.0 doesn't really exist... :(
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  9. Elyana

    Elyana Member

    I believe it hasn't been found because it doesn't exist =p Then again.. I also think a golden toilet sent to one Kander might fix any issues with this feature =p
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  10. Twoob

    Twoob New Member

    It is real and was disco'd yesterday
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  11. Terrius

    Terrius New Member

    Alas it drops bracers, instead of a replacement to the actual duck hat :(
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  12. Dedith

    Dedith New Member

    Keep an eye for a Burnt Key in your inventory after playing in OF for a bit. This lets you into the Burnt Woods. The bracer also has an orange adornment slot, like the epic 2.0s. Let's see if the tag thingy works..

    [eq2u]Bracers of Fiery Impact[/eq2u]
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