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Just how much have raid mobs been buffed on Stormhold?

Discussion in 'Time-Locked Expansion & Event Servers' started by Phaedrix, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Phaedrix

    Phaedrix New Member

    And which ones? I've heard of this being the case for KoS at least.

    Curious because, while I find the progression concept appealing, I'm also interested in being able to solo old raid content in the future. If old raid mobs are on steroids, that won't be quite the cakewalk we're using to hearing about.
  2. Venser

    Venser Member

    You will be able to solo most KoS come SF xpack
  3. Onra

    Onra New Member

    The buffs that happened during TLE KoS will mean very little come the later expansions when you were able to solo them in the original release. Basically they will auto attack slightly higher than they used to, but as long as you can survive the hits (by being a class that can heal), soloing the content should be possible.

    I remember being able to solo all KoS content in SF as an SK/Paladin. EoF was a bit tougher with the power drain fights. Going back to old fights 20 levels ahead shouldn't be much different from how it was originally.

    Maybe someone will even kill the Three Princes.
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  4. Demoneque

    Demoneque New Member

    Hi Onra. What game did you end up moving to?
  5. Venser

    Venser Member

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  6. Onra

    Onra New Member

    I played WoW for the first time. It was by far the best experience in an MMO from a difficulty/design/itemization/content perspective I've ever had in an MMO. But I didn't get hooked on the community. I don't mean that as in there were too many immature people, you'll find that anywhere and there's enough people in WoW for there to be plenty of reasonable people too.

    I didn't like the community simply because it was too big. I don't know who anyone on the server is and no one knows or cares about me. Even within guilds, if you make a mistake or act poorly, you can hop to literally a thousand different guilds that will have no clue who you were previously. In EQ2, and on TLE especially, everyone has a reputation and that reputation lasts forever. There are still people who call me out on dumb stuff I did 10 years ago in EQ2 that led to the end of a guild. While it's certainly embarrassing to be reminded of that, I think it's beneficial overall that the community remembers that and can hold people to certain standards because of that. Charms will forever be remembered as an overconfident leader who was better at spamming and trolling than getting his guild to kill dragons. Blightwidow will be remembered as a delusional multimillionaire who couldn't buy people's loyalty. And I'll be remembered as a guy who let a solid guild fall apart over the clambering of two women, but came back to rebuild the strongest guild on TLE.

    And that rebuilding is quite likely to happen again.
  7. Phaedrix

    Phaedrix New Member


    May I be your guild mascot?
  8. Korvan

    Korvan New Member

    EQ2 is the proverbial pond, WoW is an ocean. For someone to really make a name for themselves in the WoW community, being a fantastic player, or even leading a top raid guild on your server, isn't enough.

    You have to be a personality, in and out of the game. If you look at the well-known WoW players, be it Towel, Quinn, Slootbag, etc. WoW is not just a game. It's their livelihood and they exist within an entire ecosystem that transcends the game itself. They're streaming on Twitch, making YouTube videos, active in social media, attending all of the major conferences and rep for various companies -- all while raiding top-end content, running dungeons, etc. for 8+ hours a day most days of the week.

    In other words, it's a whole hell of lot more work. Of course, if you do manage to get to the point where you're standing out in the crowd, it pays really well too. Some of those guys are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, playing WoW as a profession.
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  9. Harvash

    Harvash New Member

    Looking for a sponsor to begin my Pro MMO career...pst

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