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Issue with metagame_event_id

Discussion in 'Census: Planetside 2' started by Viz, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Viz

    Viz Guest

    I'm in the process of developing an application and in trying to retrieve additional information for each alert I can only come up with 4 alert types...

    As seen here...

    {"metagame_event_list":[{"name":{"en":"Feeling the Heat"},"description":{"en":"Capture Indar within the time limit"},"experience_bonus":"30","metagame_event_id":"1","type":"1"},{"name":{"en":"Cold War"},"description":{"en":"Capture Esamir within the time limit"},"experience_bonus":"30","metagame_event_id":"2","type":"1"},{"name":{"en":"Seeing Green"},"description":{"en":"Capture Amerish within the time limit"},"experience_bonus":"30","metagame_event_id":"3","type":"1"},{"name":{"en":"Marsh Madness"},"description":{"en":"Capture Hossin within the time limit"},"experience_bonus":"30","metagame_event_id":"4","type":"1"}],"returned":4}
    So despite the fact that the limit is 500, only 4 are returned. I'm receiving several streaming events with alerts around the 50's and I cannot access their information. I feel like this is an error... Correct me if I'm wrong??
  2. Viz

    Viz Guest

    Nevermind... In looking deeper at past Alerts it appears that since it's now October the 53's and 54s are some new seasonal alert... 1,2,3 and 4 are the usual 2 hour long alerts. It would be nice if these special metagame events could be implemented into the API as well though!

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