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Heroic Inquisitors and KA Heroics

Discussion in 'Inquisitor' started by Mrsteatime, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Mrsteatime

    Mrsteatime New Member

    Hi all,

    I suppose the point of this thread is to gauge peoples thoughts on Inquisitors and KA Heroics in general. I've been playing and raiding on my Inq since launch and seen them go in and out of vogue with each passing update... don't get me wrong, i love the class dearly.. but...

    Personally I've been struggling to get access to the KA heroic content, find groups willing to take a second heal (who who honesty take one over another dps...) and don't get me started on trying to solo heal heroic zones this expac.... it did not go well...

    The only thing remotely going in our favor is the HP buff (which if we take we loose our only ward, yes i know its crappy but it's all we have!) from the left side and maybe the epic 2 group damage bonus multiplier...

    So my time is mainly spent raiding on my inq... waiting for the day we might be able to 'heal' groups effectively again...

    ...and yes i might just 'really suck' but lets try and keep it constructive...

    Last edited: Feb 28, 2017
  2. Nelie

    Nelie New Member

    I somewhat feel your struggle. Its just all about that potency and to get viable at solo healing, kinda need to be 15k, maybe 16k-ish, potency. In the meantime to pad healing, just have to get into the rythm of timing and chaining stuff like Divine Waters, Inquisition, DG....hell, even throwing cure because of dogma (but that can come back to haunt you sometimes depending on where you are at).

    The BIGGEST fight I bang my head on this expansion is the spermy guy (3rd named) in Barons Workshop. With an awesome group of good dps, I dont have much trouble. Other times I just wish I was a freakin EZ mode defiler because with low dps and with those adds beating on the tank to possibly trigger that curse if he hits 10%-ish, curing the curse, then having to worry about it again, only on someone else...its just stupid how handicaped reactives are in some situations and I get frustrated.
  3. Mermut

    Mermut Well-Known Member

    This expac is the expac of shaman. All other heals struggle on some zones if the group doesn't have enough dps.
    Basically, without wards, a healers ability to keep a group alive is determined more by the group member's gear then by the healer's gear.
    Your reactive ticks are probably bigger then many toon's hitpoint pools, but if a toon has 5m hitpoints, a 5m heal is just as good as a 500m heal, because heals bigger then hp pools are totally useless :(
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  4. Nelie

    Nelie New Member

    It isn't that...unless I am taking what you are saying wrong somehow (I am typing this before bed, so I may be). The problem I see, according to some ACT breakdowns, is that the mob sometimes overpowers our reactives per trigger. I see is some cases my max heal was 8-10 mil while the mob is hitting 11-13 mil, take into account to that it hurts even more upon mob's MA/flurry hits too that 6+ mobs eat the hell out of our triggers.
  5. Mermut

    Mermut Well-Known Member

    The problem may be different for wardens then... for me, the ticks on my HoTs are plenty big.. but either 1) the damage is happening multiple times in the same second with totals that exceed hp max or 2) the hits are bigger then hp maxes. There is nothing I can do in either of those cases. It doesn't matter how big my HoTs are in those cases, because the toon is dead before the HoT (which is frequently bigger then their hp pool) can land to heal them, even with HoTs already rolling. No amount of stats or gear on my part, as the healer, will 'fix' that problem.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2017
  6. Caam

    Caam Member

    Mermut, your description of the issue for druids is pretty much spot-on.

    For clerics, the issue is a bit different because their reactive heals are a specific quantity of heals rather than a pool of points. So once the number of heals is used up (such as multiple hits from multiple mobs or flurries) there's nothing left. At that point, the only thing left is the HP of the tank to survive until the next set of reactives hit.

    The shaman heal mechanic, even with bleed-through, is far superior right now because it effectively raises the HP of the targets well above the current level of average damage. This has always been the case, shaman have had the lead in healing since day one. But with the current combat mechanics, the effective gap is a lot wider. With 60-100 million HP wards, tanks can take a dozen hits and still see no movement of their HP bar. A dozen hits to a tank with a cleric or druid is pretty much instant death.

    The best answer is to raise HP to a level that will reduce the number of one-shots as low as possible. There are some AA options that can raise your HP dramatically, for example the prestige AA Enhanced Vigor. But fighters have a tough choice to give up stats for HP. In addition, the self-ward that the other classes get from the second dragon-tree column also helps a lot for other group members. But unless a tank is willing to set up for 10 million+ HP, I think they are going to have issues with groups that are single-healed by druids and clerics.
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  7. Nelie

    Nelie New Member

    In a way, druids and clerics have the same problem. I see what Mermut is saying. If the mob is spiking over the hp pool of the tank, isn't that a 1-shot? lol. A tank MUST survive the initial hit for any of our heals to be effective as any druid or cleric, as to where Caam said above about shamans sucking up all the damage upon the initial hit.
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  8. Dedith

    Dedith New Member

    I guess my question is, why isn't the tank at 10m+ hp? Sure, shaman can make it easier for squishier folks, but I'm barely geared for T1 heroics and I'm topping 10m health in a good group.
  9. Mermut

    Mermut Well-Known Member

    For regular heroics, keeping the tank alive isn't a problem.. provided the tank has a solid rotation. There are hits that come in on that tank that exceed 10m.
    Again.. non-shaman's ability to keep people alive is determine by other people's gear, not the healer's gear or ability. And, in my opinion, that is a serious issue. No gear my warden gets, at this point, improves my ability to heal. My heals are already so much bigger then hitpoint pools it's stupid.. and pointless. A 16m or 20m or 200m heal is no better then a 5m or 10m heal if that's all the hp a target has :(

    I still don't understand why hitpoints pools haven't even pretended to keep up with pot and cb inflation. Until that disparity is addressed healers w/o wards are SoL in their ability to solo heal even mildly challenging content w/o losing people.

    Heck, unless the dps is insane, my warden is GUARANTEED to lose at least one person on the Frenzied Feeder fight because I literally CANNOT keep people above the curse threshold long enough for my cure curse to come back. It is extremely disheartening for a a healer to know that they are going to lose somebody, no matter what.
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