EQ2Wire In-Game Mail Blast Requires EQ2 Subscribers to Visit Website

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    EverQuest II’s in-game mail has been put to good use by the company to alert players to significant in-game revamps, refund Items and Tokens, announce the return of Seasonal Events, conduct In-Game Polls and Surveys, Gauge player interest in Crafting, Heroic, and Raid content, and so forth. Now however, it seems that the in-game mail service is being put to a new and somewhat questionable use.

    Yesterday, EQ2 players both free-to-play and with an active subscription received an in-game Marketing mail blast which cannot be deleted until the player clicks the misleading “Receive Gifts” button which whisks them away to a website, specifically the EverQuest II expansion page scrolled down to the $29.99Gateway to Adventure” pack. For the record, this pack offers:

    • Journeyman’s Boots of Adventure – these boots will grant you an additional 15% movement speed boost that stacks on top of your current run, mount, or flying speed!
    • Journeyman’s Rucksack – 66-slot Appearance Bag
    • 1 Potion of Vitality – this potion causes your combat and tradeskill vitality to return to 100%
    • 2 Guild Status Potions – these potions raise the amount of status contributed to the guild to 25% for 1 hour



    Requiring a paying customer to visit a marketing website before they can remove a message from their in-game mailbox seems like a bridge too far and so far, player reaction has been decidedly negative. We now provide this unrelated image…​


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    Not to mention it is bait-and-switch to offer you a gift you don't receive, but instead get redirected to a sales item. There's NO WAY I would spend the cost of an xpac for this pack, especially as it's limited to one per account. I might consider it at this price if it were one per character.
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