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Illusionist Parse Thread

Discussion in 'Illusionist' started by Administrator, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    Post your best parses from ACT (screenshots please!). Also don't forget crucial details like what classes were in the group, deaths, whether you were in offensive or defensive, deity buffs, group buffs, and anything else important to know about the encounter.
  2. Jrox

    Jrox New Member

    I am a true sponge off my group mates lol...

    (00:17) Captain Vhankmin: 11324129008 Beastlord-Draconic Breath-2,209,941,372
    Beastlord | 3659240001
    Troub | 2371532070
    Chan | 1713203369
    Warlock | 1659585491
    Illy | 1592440852
    Defil | 328127225

    DPS Mirror.png
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