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    Guild Hall Amenities Permissions

    There are some guild hall amenities that are not automatically set to visitor access that I feel really should be open to all. Some of them are the Portal to Member Housing, Localized/Expanded Guild Hall Teleportation Network, Commodities Exporter, and Fuel Merchant. Giving the visitor access allows people to use them. There are many guild leaders or decorators that do not know that amenity permissions can even be changed. If you can set the access on an amenity, two fields will be displayed on right hand side just below the Amenities list.

    If you are hired to decorate a guild hall you might want to talk with the guild leader to find out if some of these permissions should be changed. Some guilds that raid allow others to join. If the settings to the Guild Strategist are set to visitor access then someone outside the guild can go to a placed flag but they cannot obtain a flag for placing themselves. I have been in a couple guilds that have needed the Guild Strategist to be set to visitor for this reason. I have also been in guilds that roleplay and didn't want visitors to be able to use the teleporters so they could block off everything besides the entryway unless there was a specific roleplay event happening. So it is always a good idea to ask.

    To change permissions to amenities:
    1. Open Guild Hall Window by
    a. Right click door and click Access
    b. In Chat window type /house and press enter
    2. Click on the Amenities tab of the Guild Hall window
    3. Scroll to the amenity and click on it
    4. Click on the drop down and pick desired access level (Visitor, Friend, or Trustee)
    5. Click the Set Access button.

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    Copying Player-made Notebooks

    Have you ever created a how to do something manual using player-made notebooks and wished there was an easy way to copy them? There is a way.

    Things to know:
    • You don't have to craft notebook yourself.
    • Don't have to use exact same notebook type (Bristled Leather Notebook to a Bear Hide Notebook)
    • Only person that owns the notebook can copy it (person that edited and saved content)
    • Doesn't matter if books are in bank, house vault, personal inventory but must be in some sort of inventory for copy to appear in right click menu list (not placed in house/guild hall)
    • You can edit or even copy the copied notebook
    How to copy notebook:
    1. Right click on notebook you wish to copy
    2. Click on Copy
    3. Click on an empty notebook (arrow will be blue)
    4. Click OK button on Confirmation popup
    5. Need another copy, repeat steps 1 - 4

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    House Actors: Setting Both Models

    I have been touring a bunch of houses lately and found that people are only setting one model for their house actors. I mentioned how to set both in a different post but thought it deserves a write-up with screenies.

    How to set:
    1. Set the house actor race, gender, and appearance like normal and click OK button customize appearance window
    2. Go to EQII Menu Button and click Options
    3. Click the Alternate Models tab
    4. Click the Select All Models button. If the house actor looks the same, click Turn Off All Models button

      • If you clicked both buttons and your house actor doesn't change appearances, it is a race that only has one model so you can click Cancel and you are done
      • If your house actor changes appearance KEEP this Options window open and continue
    5. Right click house actor and pick Customize Face option

    6. Set appearance for this model and click OK button

    7. Click the Cancel button on the Options window. Your house actor should now look like the one in step 1.

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    Making Video Tours in EQ2: Setting Up UI

    Here is a video that might be helpful if you have decided to make your very own EQ2 Video Tours. Enjoy!

  5. Ocarinah

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    Making Video Tours in EQ2: How to use Ezvid with EQ2

    Here is a video that might be useful if you want to try making simple video tours in EQ2. Enjoy!

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    Making Video Tours in EQ2: How to use OBS Studio with EQ2

    Here is a video that might be useful if you want to try making more complicated video tours in EQ2. Enjoy!

    Find the OBS Studio software at: Open Broadcaster Software | Download

    Video I used to setup my OBS Studio:

    The video is now completed! Sorry if the timing is slightly off...there must be some setting in ezvid to change the speed of the audio so it matches up but I don't plan on using that software now that I have this video done.
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    Making Video Tours in EQ2: How to Upload EQ2 Video Tour File to YouTube Channel

    Here is a video that might be useful if you have just learned how to make video using OBS Studio! Enjoy!

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    Restocking Storage: Using Manifest Feature of Layout Editor

    Here is a video that might help you with restocking your storage. Enjoy!

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    Placing Items EQ2 Housing Basics: Without the use of the Layout Editor

    When I get some time I can try to track down how to videos others have made and get them posted in this thread. But looky what I just found....Valzen made a really cool video. Check it out!

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    Moving Crate: How to Recover Moving Crate

    Have you lost your moving crate and need to get it back? This video is for you.

    Using Layout Editor
    Note: Go to to download the latest Layout Editor made by JesDyr

    Using Notepad
    Note: JesDyr's site has information regarding the layout file in case you want detailed information on each value stored in the file.

    Using Open Source Layout Editor
    Note: Go to to download Sennen's Open Source Layout Editor.

    Don't have a video for this.

    Vote for Improvement Request
    If you would like to see a button added to housing window to reset your moving crate to default spot, please go vote at:
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    wow! thanks a lot for all this content!

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