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!! Gracee's Layout Editor Evening Class !!

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Ceyarrecks, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Ceyarrecks

    Ceyarrecks New Member

    figured I ought to be more involved here as well, so let me start with a repost of this:

    ...in speaking at length with Gracee this afternoon, and we both knowing the desire for better knowledge in the use of Jesder's Layout Editor, Gracee has agreed to conduct another EVENING CLASS!!! {and the crowd cheers!!}

    Server: Maj'Dul
    Place: Gorowyn [Gracee's Inn] (assemble in newbie housing area/near bank)
    Day: 09apr2017
    Time: 1900EST/1600PST

    to prepare for class, please:

    * bring a #2 pencil ;)

    * press the O key on your keyboard while in-game to bring up your Options, then click the Macros tab.
    if not made already, please make three new keys <Click to edit> named:

    Save WITH
    Command: /save_layout with
    Save WITHOUT
    Command: /save_layout without
    LOAD Working
    Command: /load_layout working
    (once made, click these once to at least have a file for the LE to browse to)

    * have installed the current version ( of the layout editor prior to class (verified under menu Help / About).
    Download Editor « EQ2Designers

    * assure the LE is looking in the correct directory for your layout saves, which is found under the menu
    File / New From Diff

    then browse to for each field:
    Original: %\EverQuest II\saved_house_layouts\with
    Different File: %\EverQuest II\saved_house_layouts\without
    Destination File:%\EverQuest II\saved_house_layouts\working
    the symbol % represents anything in front of the directory which may vary based on where on your Hard Drive EverQuest II was installed at.
    * have available ~two hours for fun, conversation, and discovery as Gracee, our resident expert in the use of the Layout Editor conducts an evening class in its use.

    We welcome all who would be interested to attend for a fun Community Event!

    RSVP not required, but please arrive ~15m early so we may begin on time and have ample time to demonstrate, experiment, ask questions, etc.

    with added note of:

    Additionally,... and this might be an extreme idea,... but what about one of our resident videographers make attendance, and do a play-by-play/walk-along video? (which I realize might need to be edited for brevity)

    I would think this would be just like being there ;)
    Videographers? What say you? :D
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2017
  2. Dedith

    Dedith New Member

    I have to agree with the tail end of that, something like this should be recorded (stream to youtube, they keep this stuff for a long while). Gracee or yourself could easily install OBS (Open Broadcaster Software | Home and free) and capture the desktop. no camera needed, mic is helpful though =)
  3. Kvanilya

    Kvanilya New Member

    I whole-heartedly agree with a recording! Totally missed seeing this post or I would've been there.

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