Feldon's Retirement

Discussion in 'EverQuest II General Discussion' started by Tekka, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Tekka

    Tekka New Member

    I was disappointed this morning when I read the article linked over on the official 'forums' (the post it was in is now deleted), but I understand that sometimes it's time to go. I wish Feldon all the best.

    In the article it says that EQ2U Players will be maintained and updated, and I wondered if the forums would remain as well. With the current climate the way it is in the over there, I doubt much of use will get talked about, or posted - other than update notes.

    No, I'm not here to start a fight.
    Yes, I'll play nice.
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  2. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    These forums will remain. Looks like they'll be needed!
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  3. Tekka

    Tekka New Member

    Thank you Feldon. What you've done, and still do, is much appreciated.

    And you're right, very much needed.
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  4. Finora

    Finora New Member

    Thank you for keeping these forums up. We certainly will be needing them.
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  5. Kokorobosoi

    Kokorobosoi New Member

    Feldon, thank you for all you do. It will be missed! I'm glad to know the forums will remain! I suspect they will start getting a lot more use, with this new moderator they have over there. Absolutely insane, the censorship occurring.
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  6. Chocoholic

    Chocoholic New Member

    Thank you! I asked about this in another thread, and now I have found my answer.

    Good show -- I will be here.
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  7. dawy

    dawy New Member

    Such a shame,i stopped playing the game a few years back but always came here at least weekly to see what was going on,nice to see the forum is going to be here though.
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