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Evolution - Maj'Dul 6-8PM ET

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Togin, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Togin

    Togin New Member

    Hello everyone, Evolution which originally from Crushbone server and now on Maj'dul is recruiting for KA progression style raiding. We are a truly eastern time zone based guild with much earlier times then those others who keep you raiding late at night.

    Raid times are Mon, Wed, Thurs 6-8 PM

    We are recruiting for any position as spots are earned by being the best option for the raid force. Loyalty and attendance account towards contesting for a spot.

    We are actively Farming select T4 content.

    We accept new and returning players and help you build a solid base before allowing you to raid on any harder content.

    PST in game to -

    or visit evolution-cb.guildlaunch.com to Apply

    Seeking for full time positions
    T1 DPS

    Possible Open Positions
    Exceptional Enchanter
    Exceptional Shaman

    All back up slots are open, earn gear and DKP by sitting and being available during raid time.
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  2. Togin

    Togin New Member


    First raid was February 9th and 8 mobs down after first 5 short raids
  3. Togin

    Togin New Member

    Bump Looking for OT, shaman and inquisitor.
  4. Togin

    Togin New Member

    Bump Farming select T4 mobs and looking for select classes to balance out the force.

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