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EQ2Wire Discord

Discussion in 'Announcements & Forum Support' started by Feldon, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    If all my friends told me to jump off a cliff, would I? Depends if there's a Discord chat at the bottom. Love it or hate it, I use Discord for electronics and other things and figured I'd start one for this site.

    We will talk about EQ2, EQ2U, and Census.

    Join the EQ2Wire Discord Server!
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  2. Ratchick

    Ratchick New Member

    As many times as I try (based on the "if you don't like the answer, ask again" principle), that link shows to be an invalid invite. Was it set to expire?
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  3. Errrorr

    Errrorr Active Member

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  4. Meneltel

    Meneltel Active Member

    Forgive me, I don't use discord. No mic, and im usually listening to game sounds (depending on the game) or music from YouTube. So I don't hear or read discord because many of my games are in full window mode, either designed that way, or the way I set it up. I do suggest, Feldon, that you BAN anyone from EQ2 management with a note to them "See how it feels now?"
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  5. Mysstie

    Mysstie Member

    I never use a mic with Discord (or anything really). I just let it stay in the taskbar and look at it every so often. I tend to play most of my games in a maximized window where the taskbar is still visible. Also, you have to go into a specific voice channel to even hear anything and many Discord servers don't even have a voice channel. But, yeah if you're never going to look at it, doesn't make much sense to run it. :)
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  6. Grundge

    Grundge New Member

    Hopefully Feldon doesn't get banned from this one. :D
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  7. Meneltel

    Meneltel Active Member

    With his snippy attitude, its only a matter of time! :p
    But he will be in good company!
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  8. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    I've had two 24" monitors for going on 11 years now. Plus my smartphone (Discord works great there too). I can't imagine going back to a single monitor and not being able to see anything else because the game is fullscreen. I know this puts me in the category of being "well off". but monitors can be picked up for less than $100 these days.

    I never use Discord voice.
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  9. Dorothea987

    Dorothea987 WhysperWynde alt

    And I've never used Discord .. although I've seen it mentioned in passing. What exactly is Discord? Some alternate channel for information about/on/during/whatever playing EQ2? And why should I be interested or concerned about it is the least? Lived without it so far ......
  10. Anaogi

    Anaogi Active Member

    I have no explanation for only finding this today. /shrugs
  11. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    Discord is a website and app that lets you chat with other people with similar interests. It's like a more "immediate" forum and is more likely to go off-topic. Some of us find it fun, while other find the noise to be gratuitous.

    There's an official EQ2 discord where the EQ2 devs hangout. If you say anything even remotely critical, they kick you out. Serious criticisms get you banned.

    EQ2Wire has our own Discord chat which is mostly just hanging out and occasionally talking about EQ2 mechanics.
  12. Dorothea987

    Dorothea987 WhysperWynde alt

    Hmmm sounds like fun generally @ Discord except for getting kicked for speaking your mind. Not cool that whether it be by devs or commoners.

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