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EQ2Wire EQ2Wire: Aug 13 2008-September 8 2017

Discussion in 'The News Feed!' started by Feldon, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    From what Feldon has said, these forums and eq2u will stay online.

    And I will not miss eq2wire. Not in the least. Nor will I miss Feldon.

    I get to talk to Feldon all the time, so... yeah.

    Eq2wire was a great site helping out a company that do not deserve, nor do they seem to desire, the assistance of the community. That should be a huge red flag for folks, but eh.

    Reminds me of an old song.

    Some of them wanna abuse you.
    Some of them wanna be abused.
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  2. CoLDMeTaL

    CoLDMeTaL Member

    Thanks for everything you did!
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  3. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    Edit: by the way, this is NOT a critical post about Feldon, this is me giving him some jovial crap elbow nudging. Please stop emailing me. I know I am a jerk. Been that way a while. My avatar is a freaking duck with horns, ffs.
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  4. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    I told you your Engrish was gonna make people think that. :p
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  5. Caam

    Caam Member

    Wait. I thought the purpose of the site was to help players out, not SoE/DBG. For the last few years, I don't think Feldon gave a damn as to whether the site did SoE/DBG even a bit of good. It helped me out a lot and based on the responses on the main page, it helped out a hell of a lot of other people too.

    That's the biggest reason why I'm disappointed. He let them win. They finally got rid of what they thought was their biggest pain in the ass. But they don't matter. I don't play this game to make Kander happy. I don't play this game to make any of them happy. I play this game to have fun. So far, even with all of the things going on that people are pissing and moaning about, I'm still having fun. When I stop having fun, I'll quit.

    Feldon, thank you for putting all the time and effort into this. For all the crap they handed you trying to help us out, you still kept trying to keep us informed and still tried to point out things you thought could be made better because you wanted to help us players (and make some money on the site advertising, of course).

    I appreciate that you're going to keep the forums and the character site running. You did a great job putting the pieces in place so that we don't have to go to the DBG site to get the info we need. This is a great place you can go for EQ2 info. And as long as this site is here, it's always going to be a place where we can go to get help and help others.
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  6. Shazz

    Shazz New Member

    It is sad day, thanks for all your hard work over the years Feldon
    You will be missed, thank you for being our champion
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  7. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    Feldon has been fighting on both sides for a very long time. Feldon brought DBG's point of view to a sometimes hostile player base. At the same time Feldon told DBG what the players desired, often in the face of objection from DBG.

    DBG has become more aggressive lately in defending their viewpoints with even simple criticism. Any type of negative statement on Discord or the Forums has been immediately met with overwhelming response.

    Feldon's burden was that he had to balance the amount of critical discussion of the game against the value he was supplying to the corporation. Any time you have a "Raving Fan" the fan builds up their thoughts, ideas, and concepts for free. This is GREAT for a company, because any publicity is good publicity, and free is the best price. The problem from a corporate standpoint with a Raving Fan is the lack of control of the messaging. Feldon's most recent attempts to discuss a very sensitive subject in the official forums engendered the overwhelming responses discussed earlier. If Feldon feels like he wants to discuss this most recent disagreement with DBG, he can bring it up himself.

    Feldon's sites (EQ2Wire, forums @ eq2wire, and eq2u) supplied the EQ2 Community and DBG Corporate with value. Feldon has chosen to disable the main site that showed the most value to the Company DBG, while leaving the sites that have the greatest value to Community up and running.

    To me, that loss of a site that gives free publicity is a greater blow to the corporate folks than it is to the players.
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