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EQ2U Game Links

Discussion in 'Items, Equipment, and Mechanics' started by Rosyposy, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Rosyposy

    Rosyposy Active Member

    Hey, @Feldon ,

    When looking up an item on EQ2U, my email address shows up in the Game Link instead of, you know, the actual game link... any idea what is causing this? :(
  2. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    Uh I can't even fathom how that would happen unless you have a password manager like LastPass, OnePass, KeyPass, or the one of the browser password managers, etc. changing the contents of the field.

    I could possibly add form tags to prevent this from happening.
  3. Rosyposy

    Rosyposy Active Member

    Thanks, Feldon - I do use such an app - but used to get the correct links even while using it.

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