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Epic 2.0 Research and Discussion

Discussion in 'Brigand' started by Dabb, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Dabb

    Dabb Guest

    Hi gang! Ok lets please post any findings here. Remember to read past epic lore, check and click on anything you can touch, zone into "obvious areas" and not so obvious areas, and make sure to pay attention to your chat emotes and NPC scripts.


  2. Dabb

    Dabb Guest

    You might could ponder the thought of our starter possibly being involved with "thieves" and "pirates"
  3. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    Epic 2.0 for all Scouts is the same, with side quests for your specific class.
  4. Taliga

    Taliga Guest

    I received my epic 2.0 weapon and two new combat arts that came with it. In the knowledge window on the update tab, I have the option to upgrade Crimson Swath through research. I do not have the option to upgrade Riot through research though and that is what I want to research. Guildies of other classes say that both of the spells/CAs that came with their weapon are upgradeable in the research window as a level 100. I have nothing to upgrade under level 100 but Crimson Swath. Does anyone else has this problem? I am currently researching Mudslide so it's not that I am already upgrading. I did an internet search but found nothing about this. Hope someone can help. Rebooting did not bring up Riot in upgrade window

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