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Epic 2.0 Prerequisites/Factions

Discussion in 'Ascension' started by Kannkor, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Kannkor

    Kannkor New Member

    With many people boxing a second character (or a few), LittleOgress and I have been compiling a list of all the pre-reqs required by era, and where they overlap with each other. This way where possible, you can complete them both at the same time.

    I'll update this thread as we continue to build out the data. Feel free to post anything missing and I'll add it to the original post and this one.


    All classes must complete either the FP or Qeynos Timeline AND the 7 Archtype Quests.

    ToT Timeline:
    Zou'Lidelas (Thalumbra Questline until Aleesia) - 50k (Mages)
    Shield of Maldura - 50k (Fighters)

    Alter of Malice:
    Pygmy Language – about half to 2/3 of the AoM timeline (Fighters)
    AoM Timeline (Scouts) (Mages)

    Tears of Veeshan:
    Putting the Rage in Ragefire - Which requires most of the ToV Sigline! (Fighters)
    ToV Sig Line (Mages)
    ToV Sig Line - To Reaching Fraka(Scouts)
    ToV Sig Line - through Falling Tears(Priests)
    High Keep: The Bloodless Incursion Timeline (Scouts)

    Sentinel’s Fate:
    Bastion of the Tranquil – requires most of SF Timeline before repeatable becomes available - 50k (Mages)
    Disciples of the Circling Stoneburnt Highland Panda Faction 50k (Priests)
    The Hole: Guardians of the Underfoot (elemental side) 10k (Fighters)
    The Hole: Caertaxian Legion (rat side) 10k (Fighters)
    HQ: A Source of Malediction (Priests)

    Moors of Ykesha
    Guktan Guard - 20k (Priests)
    The White Dragonscale Cloak (Priests)

    Destiny of Velious:
    Othmir questline in Great Divide (Mages) (Priests) (Scouts)
    Cobalt Scar Othmir quests. (Mages) (Priests)
    Cobalt Scar timeline through Osh:High Tide and Nika: A Solemn Request (Scouts)
    Othmir - 50k (Priests)
    Clan Thrael'Gorr - 7 Quests AND 50k Faction (Fighters)

    Rise of Kunark:
    The Order of Rime - 50k (Scouts)
    Sel'Nok Brigade - 40k (Fighters)
    Legion of Danak - 40k (Fighters)
    Clan Skelkross - 40k (Fighters)
    Fens of Nathsar Timeline - Through Kurns x2 Access (Scouts)
    Jarsath Wastes Timeline - Worker Sledgemallet (Fighters)

    Echoes Of Faydwer:
    Symbol in the Flesh HQ (Fighters)
    Dark Mail Gauntlets HQ Timeline (Scouts)
    The Circle of the Unseen Hand - 50k (Scouts)

    Fallen Dynasty:
    A Vision of the Future (Priests)

    Desert of Flames:
    Words of Air : Djinn Language (Mages)

    Shattered Lands:
    HQ: Strange Black Rock (Mages)
    HQ: Eye for Power (Mages)
    Thulian Language (Priests)
    Voices from Beyond - Shadowman language (Mages)
    Fallen Dynasty Timeline - 4th floor access (Scouts)
    Fallen Dynasty Timeline - Entire (Priests)

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