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Doublecast build?

Discussion in 'Troubadour' started by wiouxev, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. wiouxev

    wiouxev New Member

    I know a lot of bards (especially dirges) go Geomancer and max out ATK stats, as well as many troubs. It does seem that Etherealist and focusing on (Soft) capping atk stats, but focusing more on a double cast build for Troubadours is a valid spec as well.

    Im new to Troubs, but having so many spells and etherealist being spell-based with DC seems to be a fun build.

    Has anyone tried both? What do you recommend? Pros/cons?
  2. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    i tried doublecast on my troub when the stat came out. it did not double a significant amount of spells, i think about 3 of them actually doubled.

    I submitted a bug report for this at the start of AoM, but I went to a different game for the past few years (missed AoM up to current). I haven't been on live since then (playing TLE) so I do not know if it is a good spec or not.

    Best way to test things is to build them and run LOTS of tests on dummies. For hours. You'd be surprised what you might find out.
  3. Pitta

    Pitta New Member

    Nowadays with how gear is laid out, you will probably be able to find gear that has both stats on it. Or a combination of pieces. I know my dirge has ~150 flurry, maxed melee stats, and still has 73 sda. Stats are abundant nowadays. Por que no los dos?
  4. Gumeshow

    Gumeshow New Member

    You "could" go Geomancer and auto-attack build and do ok I guess but I went Etherealist + caster build since we debuff Arcane damage and it is working out great.

    IMO DC build is the way to go for the Troub, the class has become a wizard in chain ever since they capped WDB and nerfed auto-attack damage.

    If you dont have Terrene Destruction then the only stats under auto-attack that matter are Haste 200+, AE and ST 100%. DPS, MA, Acc, Flurry and WDB are completely whorthless to you if you are not a Geomancer.

    Not even for the damage your auto-attacks do, its all for the procs lol.

    Zander's, PotM and Aria all proc damage on spell hits.

    Reverb (AE 10s recast), Thunderous Overture (AE 5s recast), Evade, Perfect Shrill and all encounter abilities (green) are spells that doublecast. Ascension spells also DC except scripted ones like Ethershadow assassin ...

    With the Ethereal Mastery rune and 100% DC, spells will TRIPLECAST when it procs while CAs will only doublecast (still nice for Dagger Storm or Sinister Strike). Triplecast Etherflash while recording is awesome.

    BTW, maintain Jcap on yourself and someone else (33s duration and 15s recast) as that is your highest parsing ability besides ascension spells.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
  5. wiouxev

    wiouxev New Member


    Yep, after playing more of my troub for the last couple weeks I think DC is a no brainer. I also went etherealist for his first ascension class and so far do not regret it.

    I may need to go back and reforge out of a lot of attack stats, they really ARE worthless now without geo. I still have 300WDB for VC charges but the reality is its likely 5% or less of my VC parse.
  6. wiouxev

    wiouxev New Member

    What's your EQ2u profile if you dont mind me asking?

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