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DCUO - Missing Paperdoll(s).

Discussion in 'Census: DCUO' started by bareheiny, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. bareheiny

    bareheiny Guest


    I was looking up a character I created on UPS on a few of the apps created by Sore and Bytecode, and noticed the doesn't have a paper-doll, and I was wondering why that is?

    Obviously he has a body type and style...but no paperdoll.

    At first I figured it was because he was still on the ship, but another character I created is in the same state (just created, no progress) and she does have a paper doll.

    SuperEliteBatman (USPS) - no paperdoll
    Ms Fortune (EUPS) - paperdoll

    Additionally, both characters show as having 1/868 (or 865...depending on which site is used) feats completed....yet neither has actually done anything as they are essentially name-holders (note. that my main used to be called Ms Fortune....when I renamed her, I still wanted to hold onto the name just in case).
  2. Dedith

    Dedith Guest

    it's quite possible that the routine for creating the paperdolls was implemented after the point they have last logged in.
  3. bareheiny

    bareheiny Guest

    Nope, I created Ms F well before SuperEliteBatman.

    Interestingly, a character I have with no styles equipped is still showing up with the styles he had before they were uneqipped.
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  4. airmetforums

    airmetforums Guest

    The paperdoll generating service has been up and down for months as bugs have been worked out. A paperdoll is generated when you log out of game. Please try logging and and out and see if you get a paperdoll generated.
  5. bareheiny

    bareheiny Guest

    Sorry for the delayed response....I finally got around to logging onto SuperEliteBatman, and he now has a paperdoll.
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  6. Bytecode

    Bytecode Guest

    Seems like this issue is back. I hear from users and I can confirm the same with my character, even after logging out and back in the images are not being updated.
  7. AlienNomad

    AlienNomad Guest

    I'm in a league with 128 members. 56 have no paperdoll and one of which is a character with CR66. So I'm not sure it's a login issue.
  8. InfernoShark

    InfernoShark Guest

    I too can confirm that my "paperdoll" image on Wavedox has not updated in well over a months time and I change styles almost daily.
  9. DarkBat

    DarkBat Guest

    Is there going to be a fix for the paperdoll? Because its not working. :(
  10. Any info at all would be nice. :)
  11. ddidderr

    ddidderr Guest

    It seems like the paper doll generation service was disabled by someone for some reason. Because on the one hand we see old images not updating and on the other hand we see that characters who didn't already have an image don't get one.

    My question to the devs is, what is the reason behind the disabled paper doll generation service? And what are the future plans for it? If it is something like performance issues we can talk about it, I am already caching these images on my site and it could be further improved if you would sent the correct Last-Modified HTTP Header, so I could download only images which have change and it would decrease bandwith a lot, compared to every user of my site downloads the image for him/herself.
  12. InfernoShark

    InfernoShark Guest

    It would appear that my paper doll is now updating as it should on Wavedox across all of my toons.

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