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DCUO: characters_active_feat inaccurate

Discussion in 'Census: DCUO' started by Superskull85, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. Superskull85

    Superskull85 Guest

    I noticed when I was trying to compile a list of characters that need a certain feat that I was not getting accurate results because I was using the characters_active_feat collection which doesn't have all of the "active" feats that a character may have. When querying for a feat like this you will get nothing back.

    I did a workaround by doing a comparison of characters_completed_feat with the feat collection in code.

    As an example the feat_id for Accidental Collection is 2446482. Running this query you get nothing:


    Running a query on the Tough on Crime (feat_id is 2477652) feat you get a character list:


    Even some older feats don't work like Find the Bat-Signal (feat_id is 952459):


    Likewise if you lookup a character_id you won't get back any of the affected feats.

    Let me know if you need more information.


    Like I said you can get around this by building a total feat list from the feat collection, build a list of feats completed by a character (or vice-versa) and doing a comparison between the two. I used hashes with the feat_id as the key and iterated through the total feat list. Checked to see if an entry existed in the completed feat hash and if it did not I added that feat to the "active" feat hash that I built internally.

    This works and it works with 2 query to the database (compared to 1 query per feat using COUNT) but it is not ideal as it should be. It is a simple 1 iteration check so it is fast as an alternative still. For my app I already wanted to store the full feat list so I am only creating 1 additional list. However for someone that just wants the active feats of a character they would need 3 times the lists they should normally need (1 list).


    In relation to this bug it would be very helpful to search by guild_id similar to how you can search by character_id. For another part of my app I had to join the guild_roster collection with the characters_active_feat collection and do another check of that list to see which guild member had or did not have a feat. I did this by checking if the character_id_join_characters_completed_feat field exists in my query.

    If I pass a guild_id and feat_id to the characters_completed_feat or (active) collection it would be nice to get back a list of guild members that need the specific feat.
  2. airmetforums

    airmetforums Guest

    I'm bringing this issue to the attention of the DCUO game team. Hopefully we'll have a solution soon. Thanks!
  3. Larzhino

    Larzhino Guest

    From our side active_feats only stores data on feats that you’ve made progress on. If the feat is to KO 20 guys and you’ve done 1 we store that, but if you’ve done 0 we don’t save anything with the character. Since we know the full list of feats when you enter the game we can display data even on the ones the character hasn’t made any progress on. Essentially this is the same thing you are describing in your "work around."

    I was looking at this site the other day and it seems to be doing a good job of working with the feats: http://dcuolive.com/ maybe yall can get in touch!

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