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DCUO Census Privacy

Discussion in 'Census: DCUO' started by Chaosinternational, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. What are the possibilities of allowing players to not show any of this information to other players? I know I speak for many who are not okay with others ease of discovery. Everything about my toon even thei cr and SP are things that I've done all I can to conceal for my own reasons. This data opens up a new avenue for griefing, one I'm sure will be traveled a lot.
  2. Mister Brees

    Mister Brees Guest

    Sending me a private message to "buzz off" isn't very nice. I'm not belittling you. I disagree with you.
  3. Keep the app and the info, just let me decide whether or not to have my toon be part of it. What's so bad about that?
  4. FESTER665

    FESTER665 Guest

    I was there. I saw people who loved the app and saw people who hated the app. Are you saying that isn't true?
  5. Calling my taking issue on these forums as petty isn't belittling? Care to walk that one back or vainly try to stand by it?
  6. FESTER665

    FESTER665 Guest

    I don't think anyone has said that would be an issue. I think what everyone is saying is that they don't want the opting out to affect the data.

    If opting out still allowed the data to be queried then by all means go for it. I just wouldn't want people from the team having to put in all that time on it and take it away from other content if needed.
  7. Ways of opting out without skewing data has already been presented in the other threads. You can farm whatever data you like so long as there's no direct association with my toons. That's all I and many others are asking for.
  8. Mister Brees

    Mister Brees Guest

    Again, Mepps listed three reasons why that was an issue. I know I don't need to quote them to you.

    Look, all the things that can be said, have been. If you really want to have an open discussion about it let the thread run it's course.
  9. Mepps is a community manager, he has no credentials to be making such statements. There's the truth and then there's what mepps wants us to believe.
  10. FESTER665

    FESTER665 Guest

    Go for that. I don't think anyone is saying they don't want you to be able to opt out. We want accurate information when the data is mined.

    Some of the information though is intended and will likely be in the next UI that we get in game... Until that time though, even if they find a way to opt out while still allowing people to get accurate information "behind the scenes", we will just see threads on the forums "OMG, I got kicked from the raid because I opted out"...

    The people who kick based off stats aren't going to stop kicking people just because they opted out. In fact I would bet it would make it easier for them to say "kick this guy, he's hiding something"...
  11. Mister Brees

    Mister Brees Guest

    That is most definitely not true. A player in a thread said a bunch of words that basically called the devs lazy for not reworking it. Mepps said that it would involve work that would take people away from producing content. He also said that it would skew the data. I'd take his word over anything else said about the issue.
  12. Mepps

    Mepps Guest

    Locked, trolling.
  13. Mister Brees

    Mister Brees Guest


    Please allow all the information to be intact. There shouldn't be any concessions made for a small minority of players without any realistic concerns. The data should be pure. Also, please reinstitute the time information.
  14. Small minority? How do you calculate that? DCUO forums were lit up for 2 days over this. Hardly "minority".
  15. Mister Brees

    Mister Brees Guest

    Lit up by a few people screaming how they want their privacy in an MMO. Don't pretend to think that there was this massive wall of opposition when there were only a handful of people arguing in every thread, myself included.

    Please state an actual valid concern that doesn't involve how you think other people are going to treat each other. People will find ways to annoy each other. This information won't make a bit of difference in that. All that happens is that we have cool things taken away from us because people want to force other people to get along.
  16. Don't pretend like there's this massive wave of support, everyone for the app were on their own. Everyone against the app had some solidarity and valid reasons as to why we don't want this data freely available. If you disagree, that's fine. Just don't come to these forums to monkey wrench another thread out of existence when some players do not share your opinion and it's not welcome.
  17. Mister Brees

    Mister Brees Guest

    I'm disagreeing with you. I think you are overreacting to the information and I believe that you commenting in every thread along with starting new threads over here is petty. I want to make sure that people see that your request isn't a simple "make everyone happy" solution.

    I have yet to see one valid reason for getting rid of the app. I have however seen a ton of misinformation and hysteria. Here's an example...


    Someone is so scared of his privacy being invaded that he took off almost all of his clothes so no one can see him. This is what the argument has been reduced to.
  18. FESTER665

    FESTER665 Guest

    Nor was there a massive wave of hate for it. There were people on both extreme's and many people in the middle who didn't care much either way.

    Oh, you mean how people who are against the app are going into Sore's thread and monkey wrenching it?
  19. FESTER665

    FESTER665 Guest

    The crazy part is I learned more personal information about him through his posts about it being an invasion of privacy than I would've gotten by looking up his toon. I honestly would've never even looked up his toon until he made such a big stink about the stats being shown that I thought he was embarrassed or something... Wasn't a single problem with his toon that I could tell.

    SOE is probably thrilled about it since he bought another armory to make that switch easy. :D
  20. Mister Brees

    Mister Brees Guest

    We wouldn't even be this vocal about it if we thought there was a fair discussion going on. We have already lost data from the API because people didn't understand the use and screamed about it. The truth really is that most people don't care one way or the other.

    I really don't like that people want to take a game where thousands of people play together and have it changed because they want privacy on a fictional avatar that has no bearing in real life.

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