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DCUO Census Beta Bugs

Discussion in 'Census: DCUO' started by Dedith, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. Dedith

    Dedith Guest

    1. My registration that I use for EQ2 is saying not registered when hitting DCUO and it's collections with it. Are the service registrations not shared? (Edit: I tested the PS2 collections with my ID and it's working, so is this a bug with the DCUO interface?)

    2. The functionality of c:distinct is missing. Not a big loss, but it made it easier to lookup possible values for a field. And in looking at the census front page, it's no longer listed as a command... makes sense that it's gone now.

    3. Can we get the resolve lists on http://census.daybreakgames.com/get/dcuo/ added and/or updated? I see the character->guildroster resolve from the sample query given in the dev notes and I can likely guess quite a few others, but lists of them are nice. Or does c:join (haven't used that in EQ2) not need to be in the resolve list to work (clearly not..)?
  2. Feldon

    Feldon Guest

    C:distinct is pretty important. I hope it is not going away.
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  3. Dedith

    Dedith Guest

    4. Are any of these images available online? I see paths, but I am unsure what they are relative to. If they are from the game data files, that's fine for end users, but not useful for websites.

    5. Speaking of images, are there going to be paperdoll or headshot images of the characters like in Census for EQ2? With all the style options, I can see one really customizing their look and wanting to show it off outside of the game.
  4. zhouz

    zhouz Guest

    The current dlc's items are missing from the item table.
  5. Sore

    Sore Guest

    Paths are relative to http://census.daybreakgames.com
  6. Sore

    Sore Guest

  7. zhouz

    zhouz Guest

    all the guild_id entries on the character data seem really REALLY old.
  8. Sore

    Sore Guest

    Yes, character.guild_id is outdated
    Latest DLC gear isn't loaded
    Soder Cola Lime icon image is missing
  9. Starbuk

    Starbuk Guest

    The character's in guild_roster appear to be accurate and up to date, but the guild_id in character list seems either old across the board, or just not updated properly in some cases.

    As a good example of this mismatch, ran a search on guild_roster for my guild_id, then did a join on the characters with terms for guild_id that is NOT my guild's id, and got several results.

  10. airmetforums

    airmetforums Guest

    1) Dedith, what's your service id? I will look into why it's not working with dcuo.

    2) c:distinct will continue to work for EQ2. I may be able to get it to work for PS2 and DCUO in certain cases but not all--it could be a dangerously expensive call.

    3) we haven't done any resolves for dcuo because join is meant to provide that functionality now. Our players site and mobile site (not released yet) were done with just joins. Joins require no code--they're dynamic. The resolves have to be coded manually--I'm lazy. If there is something that can't be done with a join we can add a resolve for it.

    4) Images are relative to census.daybreakgames.com-- http://census.daybreakgames.com//files/dcuo/images/static/items/102080

    5) And paperdolls, which we haven't told anyone about yet! Feel free to use them https://census.daybreakgames.com//files/dcuo/images/character/paperdoll/281479272178436

    You say character.guild_id is outdated....maybe the game team stopped using that column when they redid the guild server. Do the values in guild_roster appear to be accurate and up to date? If so we can just nuke character.guild_id.

  11. Sore

    Sore Guest

    Values in the guild_roster are up-to-date.

    Can you please check into why items and feats from the latest DLC aren't in the data?

  12. Starbuk

    Starbuk Guest

    Values in guild_roster are correct, character.guild_id is not in many cases. Nuking it would probably prevent any mismatch of info.
  13. Sore

    Sore Guest

  14. Sore

    Sore Guest

    Okay it looks like the issue is bigger than that one query. The whole character collection is down.
  15. Superskull85

    Superskull85 Guest

    Just noticed this as well.

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