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Creating your own Resolves with C:Join

Discussion in 'Census: EverQuest II' started by Administrator, Dec 14, 2016.

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    When EQ2 Census launched, we were given just a handful of "Resolves" which is a way to join two different collections together in a query and get the results you want. For instance, joining characters to their guild, or spells to a character. Again there are only a half dozen or so resolves in EQ2 Census, so this is obviously very limited.

    This query brings the guild Honor Among Thieves from the Maj'Dul server, and then populates the Class and Level of each guild member. Note that characters who have switched guilds, been deleted or banned, or who haven't logged in since October 2011 will not be "resolved":


    This query returns the character Bladecinder from the server Maj'Dul (querying the worldID of 604 is more efficient than the worldname of Maj'Dul because the worldID is indexed), and then populates the name, tier_name, and level for each spell that character knows:



    Since there's no way Platform could add all of the Resolves we might ever want to use, they have given us the ability to make our own using c:join. I should warn you that the syntax is devilishly complex and it is very easy to make mistakes. Also because some of the characters used in the query are converted to html entities in Chrome, it is easy to end up with a scrambled URL by copying and pasting repeatedly. Always keep a copy of your good URL somewhere safe.

    As you look at these queries, you may notice something strange. There's a reference to "recipe_detail" or "quest_detail". There is no such field in Census. This seems to be a pseudofield, but it works!

    List of Recipes for a Character with Recipe Name & Bench populated:


    List of In-Progress Quests for a Character with Quest Name & Level populated:


    List of Completed Quests for a Character with Quest Name & Level


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