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c:join recipe components and item id

Discussion in 'Census: EverQuest II' started by beasty, Feb 7, 2022.

  1. beasty

    beasty New Member

    Starting with a query like



    <recipe_list limit="1" returned="1" milliseconds="0" seconds="0.0" min_ts="1643729342.614061" max_ts="1643729342.614061">
    <recipe name="Fiery Annihilation IX (Grandmaster)" crc="848784" ts="1643729342.614061" bench="work_desk" name_lower="fiery annihilation ix (grandmaster)" version="2" last_update="1643729342.614061" id="848784">
    <secondarycomponent description="banyan root" quantity="5"/>
    <secondarycomponent description="swamp ash lumber" quantity="200"/>
    <secondarycomponent description="Fiery Annihilation IX (Master)" quantity="1"/>
    <output formed_count="1" unfinished="1481538315" unfinished_count="1" simple="1481538315" elaborate="762703740" formed="1481538315" elaborate_count="1" worked_count="1" worked="1481538315" simple_count="1"/>
    <fuelcomponent description="Effulgent Incense" quantity="200"/>
    <primarycomponent description="Prismatic Spellshard" quantity="1"/>
    I would like to include item data for those component names. I have tried adding variations of


    but have not found the magic combination, or even know if it is possible.

    The mix of upper and lower case item names is going to be interesting too.

    Any advice?
  2. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    I don't know that you will be able to join a recipe component name to an itemid like that.

    As I'm sure you've discovered, recipe component names are just flavor text for the player's benefit. Internally, recipes call for "components" or items which match specific set of classifications like "liquid", "raw", or "malachite". You can peek at these classifications when you look at an item in Census. However we don't have classifications for recipes in census. Recipes was added to Census by someone who was still learning the EQ2 codebase, so we didn't get everything on our wishlist.

    For EQ2U, I ended up writing a function to scan all the Recipes and Items in Census and match up a table of component names and a "best match" item that would fit that recipe. This database table currently has 15,387 entries.

    If you downloaded a list of every recipe component name and every census item name, you could write a function to make a matching table that would cover 98% of it. The other 2% I did by hand and with player help.
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  3. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    Here's our recipe_component_items table if that's helpful.

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  4. beasty

    beasty New Member

    Ok. And thanks for the list.

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