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Bug Thread that sums up the current state of EQ2

Discussion in 'EverQuest II General Discussion' started by Mermut, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. Mermut

    Mermut Well-Known Member

    Not A Bug - Warden SoW | EverQuest 2 Forums

    Note that the report has been deemed 'not a bug' and comment has been closed.

    Either the ability gives in combat speed bonus and shouldn't be turned off in combat.. or the text on the ability is incorrect.

    There is absolutely, indisputably a bug with the ability. What the bug IS is potentially debatable, but one exists....
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  2. LuranEQ2

    LuranEQ2 Member

    Is this better or worse than the usual gaslighting where Caith claims that:

    A) The text was never supposed to be there, and
    B) It's been broken for over a decade by providing the in-combat run speed it said it did, and
    C) They've been generous enough to fix it after all this time, but aren't obligated to point out to players when they fix such an 'obvious' bug?
  3. Tkia

    Tkia Active Member

    I don't even know where they're seeing that description. I checked on my warden earlier and it doesn't say in combat on my tooltip. And it never has been. I even tested to make sure it wasn't. So no, it's not actually bugged, at best it's an inaccurate tooltip which is becoming par for the course. And as I said, I can't even see that!
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