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[Bug] Mystic Pot to CB conversion

Discussion in 'Mystic' started by Noja, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. Noja

    Noja New Member

    I wonder if this has been going on for a while, maybe since they changed to conversion to pot/cb cb/pot.
    I always wondered why my mystik had so much less cb than any other healer while having not a big gear difference.

    After some testing there are 2 reasons:

    1. It is questionable why there are different values for the conversions for different classes. And with 15k+ pot it makes a big difference weather you convert 20 or 24 pot to cb

    2. The conversion doesn't work completely (you get some CB for taking the conversion but not enough). You can easily test it. Your Ascension Form gives you a lot of pot (~600 for me) that should change your cb as it should convert to it. But it doesn't. The CB value doesn't change a bit after using the ascension form.

    Maybe I'm missing something?
  2. Inyala

    Inyala New Member

    Conversion of 12:1 (or 24:1 when dual specced) is normal. Some classes get a bonus as a balancing factor.

    Stats gained from conversion do not convert further. This is to prevent infinite loops where your pot gives you cb, your cb gives you pot, your now increased pot gives you a bit more cb, and so forth. The potency gain from ascension is potency to more potency conversion.
  3. Noja

    Noja New Member

    Thanks for enlightening me. Now i have to find out another way y my templar is able to unspec every critbonus stuff still being at cap and my mystic is far away from even reaching it.
  4. Soteria

    Soteria New Member

    I had the same experience, when I switched all my gear from mystic to inq i went from 3300 cb on mystic to overcap on inq. Weird.

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