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Assassin tips and leveling

Discussion in 'Time-Locked Expansion & Event Servers' started by Guarin, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Guarin

    Guarin New Member

    Hi all, I am some what new to forums and the game here in general (ive played eq2 for a while but mostly solo/crafting). I took a bit of a break and thought id give Stormhold a try since I wasnt around for launch. As of now I have a level 11 assassin and ive been having a blast with him. I dont want to solo but I see I got a late jump on this server and now im looking for tips to get caught up with everyone. Im mainly focused on grouping and maybe some raiding occasionally. If anyone has an tips or pointers on the best path to take id sure appreciate the advice. Thank you in advance.

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