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EQ2Wire Ascension FAQ & Eager Players Hit a Wall!

Discussion in 'The News Feed!' started by Feldon, Dec 15, 2016.

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    After years of watching players race through content and levels within hours of expansions launching, the EQ2 devs clearly wanted something different this time around. With Kunark Ascending, a new Ascension subclass system was put in place. Most important, gaining Levels in the new Ascension system strictly time-limited. The design ensures that no player will hit Ascension Level 5 until December 13th, one month after the expansion launched. It was designed so that even if a player somehow did find a way around the rules, a failsafe was put in place to prevent progression before the aforementioned date.

    After complaints about fairness and glitches in filling Ascension XP scrolls, a new hybrid Ascension XP system was rolled out on December 6th. With the updated system, half of your daily Ascension XP pool comes from Ascension scrolls, while the other half just comes from waiting patiently, sort of how Vitality works. Also, in a “make right” for the glitches people experienced, players were mailed four Ascension XP scrolls. The new system is sufficiently complex that an Ascension Frequently Asked Questions seems essential to navigate all the details.

    The New System

    Players who complete the Kunark Ascending Signature quest line become able to speak with the four Ascension trainers. Each Ascension class grants new abilities (up to Ascension Level 10), and players can eventually learn all four Ascension classes. Epic 2.0 Weapon quests cannot be started until Level 5 is reached in one of the four Ascension classes:​

    Ascension Class Trainer Location All Damage Converted to
    Elementalist Najena at 785, 230, 1000 Cold
    Etherealist Miragul at -381, 19, -558 Magic
    Geomancer Aranolth Tol’Ren at -227, 92, -234 Crushing
    Thaumaturgist Chosooth at 669, 253, 1418 Disease

    For the first three weeks of the expansion, these trainers would sell an Ascension Scroll to the player once every 24 hours. Similar to XP vials, Ascension Scrolls can hold up to 1 million Ascension XP. These scrolls can be stockpiled and filled all at once in an extended gameplay session. Players who watch the clock and login at the exact time every day have been able to earn 1 million Ascension XP daily. However there were some glitches with the Ascension XP gain buff dropping during zone crashes, plus the requirement of waiting exactly 24 hours has not been popular with players.​

    On Tuesday, December 6th, the Ascension system was patched to include a fairer two-pronged approach. Ascension scrolls can still be picked up every day, but now they’re on a 22 hour timer. And instead of 1 million XP, the new Ascension XP scrolls have varying capacities based on subscriber level and your guild’s level:​

    Ascension XP Scroll
    All Access​
    All Access & Guild Level 200​

    What makes the new system better than the old one is the second prong. The first time you login to EQ2 after the December 6th patch, a clock starts. Every hour, whether you login to the game or not, your Ascension XP capacity grows by 20,000. Even if you do nothing, your Ascension XP capacity grows by 480,000 per day. There is a limit though — You may only bank 7 million Ascension XP in this manner. After that, you must go out and adventure and consume your banked Ascension before you can bank any more Ascension XP capacity.​

    No Soup For You!

    According to the original plan, players could not reach Ascension Level 5 until December 13th. However with the new hybrid plan, 14 players (at last count according to Census) hit the failsafe last night or today, unable to gain any more Ascension XP beyond 29.2 million, the amount needed to ding Ascension Level 5. Here’s how the numbers broke down…​

    Date Ascension XP gain Total
    November 15 Assuming you completed the Kunark Ascending signature quest, picked an Ascension class, picked up your first Ascension XP scroll and then filled it. 1 million
    November 16 1 million Ascension XP per day. 2 million
    December 5 1 million Ascension XP per day. 22 million
    December 6 600k Ascension scroll, 4 x 1 million Ascension XP scrolls. 26.6 million
    December 7 600k Ascension scroll, 480k Ascension vitality. 27.68 million
    December 8 600k Ascension scroll, 480k Ascension vitality. 28.76 million
    December 9 600k Ascension scroll, 480k Ascension vitality. 29.84 million
    (capped at 29.2m)

    Apparently, there was also a brief window of time when Ascension XP scrolls were tradeable, so some players logged in alts and traded them over to try to get to Ascension Level 5 sooner than scheduled. They were temporarily stopped by the hard limit, and they may be stopped on a more permanent basis by an account ban for exploiting.​

    For now, players will just have to find something else to amuse themselves until the hard lock on gaining Ascension XP is removed on December 13th.​

    Double Stuck

    Those players who find themselves in the predicament of having over 29 million Ascension XP are not able to hail their Ascension trainer to switch Ascension classes and start earning Ascension in another class while this problem persists. These players will lose out on scrolls for Today, Sunday and Monday and possibly Tuesday depending when their 22 hours fall. If your next Ascension XP scroll will put you over 29.2 million XP, then don’t pick it up. Instead switch classes and start working on another Ascension class.​

    If you want to go into further detail about Ascension in the Kunark Ascending expansion, the benefits of each Ascension class, the abilities you gain, etc., check out EQ2Library’s article about it.

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