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After hitting lvl10 on one Asc class, you can't use those spells while leveling a new class

Discussion in 'Ascension' started by Shmogre, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Shmogre

    Shmogre Active Member

    I know a bunch of my guildies and friends were hoping to be able to continue using the spells of our first max-level Ascension class as we leveled the next one...we hoped the ability to use the spells would be tied to the Ascension form (the first spell you get), so you could be training as another class while still having access to the spells you spent three months earning.

    Looks like that's not the case, though. Even once you hit max level 10 on a class, starting a new one greys out your former class's spells; the only way to use them is to talk with your old Master again (but then your XP doesn't apply towards ascension).

    So brace yourself for 89 days of leveling one class and getting used to (and spoiled by) those spells, then starting all over again for a minimum of 44ish days (your spells and hourly ascXP double after your first level 10 class, rather than the XP needed being cut by half, so you still have to earn the same amount of XP as the first one), then repeat twice more (22ish and 11ish days, assuming you can earn the max daily XP each day). Hopefully then we'll be able to choose the form and the spells we want without having to talk to a trainer to switch.

    I can understand why it might be this way, but man, it sucks giving up those spells (and the extra potency from that first spell and its upgrades) after spending so long to get them... :(
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2017
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  2. Shmogre

    Shmogre Active Member

    Mermut put it well: "You are one ascension class at a time."

    To switch back and forth, you need to talk with the associated trainer, then you will earn XP towards (if not maxed) and have access to the spells of that active class.

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