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Achievement data inconsistencies

Discussion in 'Census: Planetside 2' started by Ryekir, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Ryekir

    Ryekir Guest

    I'm currently working with the achievements data, which appears to be mostly medal and ribbon data (but also things like seasonal event achievements), but the data seems a little wonky.

    The achievements have a "repeatable" attribute, which can be used to distinguish the ribbons from the medals, and the character_achievement data has an "earned_count" attribute that indicates how many have been earned. However, some of the medals don't have an "earned_count" attribute at all,which would seem to indicate that the medal has not been earned (in which case why bother listing it at all?). The problem is that some medals that have been earned are being listed this way as well as some medals that haven't. Also, sometimes medals are listed with an "earned_count" of zero, even though they have been earned, and sometimes the same medals are listed multiple times with different ID values.

    For example, here is my achievement data:


    I know I have earned the

    I know I have earned the Auraxium medal for the Razor GD-23 (achievement #470), but it's listed as not being earned:

    {     "achievement": {        "name": {            "en": "Razor GD-23"        },        "description": {            "en": "1000 Enemies Killed"        },        "repeatable": "0"    },    "achievement_id": "470",    "character_id": "5428010618015204433",    "finish": "1359766138",    "finish_date": "2013-02-02 00:48:58.0",    "last_save": "1359738912",    "last_save_date": "2013-02-01 17:15:12.0",    "start": "1354835112",    "start_date": "2012-12-06 23:05:12.0" },
    And I know that I don't have the Auraxium medal for the Frag Grenade (achievement #774) because I just recently got the Gold medal, but it's listed anyway:

    {     "achievement": {        "name": {            "en": "Frag Grenade"        },        "description": {            "en": "1000 Enemies Killed"        },        "repeatable": "0"    },    "achievement_id": "774",    "character_id": "5428010618015204433",    "finish": "0",    "finish_date": "1970-01-01 00:00:00.0",    "last_save": "1353418797",    "last_save_date": "2012-11-20 13:39:57.188762",    "start": "1353446586",    "start_date": "2012-11-20 21:23:06.0" },
    I know I have the Auraxium medal for Sticky Grendades, but it's being incorrectly listed with earned_count=0 as achievement #754, but also listed correctly as achievement #752

    {     "achievement": {        "name": {            "en": "Sticky Grenade"        },        "description": {            "en": "1000 Enemies Killed"        },        "repeatable": "0"    },    "achievement_id": "754",    "character_id": "5428010618015204433",    "earned_count": "0",    "finish": "0",    "finish_date": "1970-01-01 00:00:00.0",    "last_save": "1376494381",    "last_save_date": "2013-08-14 15:33:01.167122",    "start": "1376518128",    "start_date": "2013-08-14 22:08:48.0" },
    {     "achievement": {        "name": {            "en": "Sticky Grenade"        },        "description": {            "en": "1000 Enemies Killed"        },        "repeatable": "0"    },    "achievement_id": "752",    "character_id": "5428010618015204433",    "earned_count": "1",    "finish": "1398042004",    "finish_date": "2014-04-21 01:00:04.0",    "last_save": "1398018679",    "last_save_date": "2014-04-20 18:31:19.0",    "start": "1356217496",    "start_date": "2012-12-22 23:04:56.0" },
    So if I try to list just the ones that are earned, all of those with the missing attribute are not included even though some of them have been earned:

  2. Jhett12321

    Jhett12321 Guest

  3. Ryekir

    Ryekir Guest

    I'll probably end up doing that, but it seems like an odd work around and makes it so that I can't filter with an earned_count greater than 0, which means it pulls a ton of extra, useless data from the API

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